Dates : October 27, 28, 2021

An orientation programme was organized for the Semester-I students of Arts and Commerce. This programme began with the introduction of the Trust, College, the Campus facilities etc. These details were provided to the students by the Head of the Institution - Dr. Bharti Dave through a Power Point Presentation.

The students were given a clear understanding of the semester system and the choice of subjects. They were even introduced to the subjects offered in Foundation and Soft Skill courses. The students were then introduced to all the teaching and non teaching staff members of the college. This was followed by the detailed understanding of the various activities of the college like NCC, NSS, SPORTS and CWDC. These details were provided to the students by the respective activity coordinators. Later the students were given the idea about the facilities given by the college library and this was done by the Librarian of the college. This interaction programme lasted for two hours. Such orientation programme is conducted every year in our college.

We cater to the girl students who are from economically and socially backward areas. Keeping this objective in mind we make conscious efforts to be helpful to them in every possible way and make their learning smooth. We still find lesser concern for the education of girl students as compared to the education of boys, amongst the parents in our Indian society. Looking to the fact we make sure that the studies of the girls in our college are not hampered due to economic reasons and so all the departments try their level best to get text books and reference books for their students at subsidized rates.

Apart from this we even run a Book Bank from which students get sets of books after depositing a minimum amount

It has been a regular practice of our college to wave the fees of the Sports and N.C.C. Achievers. Apart from the fees they are even provided extra coaching and special attention to cover up the studies missed during their participation in various tournaments and camps respectively. This proves to be an incentive for them and they are encouraged to perform better. This can be clearly seen in the reports of Sports and N.C.C.

We have a first aid facility in our college. The kit is well equipped to provide the primary treatment. The duty of first aid is taken care of by Dr. Margi Hathi- (Sr. Lecturer in Dept. of English). The students who are found seriously ill are immediately escorted home or the parents are called upon to pick them up.

Date : June 21, 2020
Participants : Around 150

International Yog Day was celebrated with zest on the day. Preparations for the same started a week ahead so that the girls are able to perform on the day. The students who have taken the training in the Yog Teachers’ Training Programme in our college. College and School Staff also joined by performing Yoga on that day

Apart from the Class representatives following is the list of the Office Bearers of the Students’ Union

Date :
sr. NO. Designation Faculty Name Semester
1 General Secretary ARTS / COMMERCE    
2 Cultural Secretaries      
3 NCC Secretary      
4 NSS Secretary      
5 Sports Secretary      
6 Tours and Excursions Secretary      
7 Literary Secretary      
Date : October 26, 2021
Participants : 16
Subject : Satyanishtha se Aatmnirbharta
First Divya J Sharma Sem III B Com
Second Jyoti K. Khatik Sem V BA
Mallika J. Parmar Sem V BA
Third Meghana A. Maheria Sem V BA
Vaibhavi R. Rathod Sem V BA
Date : September 17, 2021
Expert from GUSEC : Ms. Harsiddhi Shah
Beneficiaries : Around 200 students
Date : September 4, 2021

The students volunteered to become teachers on that day and they taught various subjects in all the classes. The Alumni Association organized Chart making and Slogan Writing Competition on that day and gave away the awards to the winners.

Dates : February 11-17, 2022

The students celebrated Red Day, Black and White Day, Back to School day, Signature day, Sari Day, Fancy Dress Day and Traditional Day

AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE- Couldn’t be Given this year
Guests Invited : IPS A. K. Singh and Mrs Sangita Singh

Dr. Vallabhbhai Vadhel (CEO, M R Ashram) graced the dais along with the guests.

Subject Toppers and Class Toppers for the year 2019-20 and 2020-2021 were felicitated with certificates and trophies. The Cultural, NSS and NCC achievers were also felicitated.



Parent’s Meeting