Dates : January 26, 2022 to January 30, 2022
Expert : Ms. Palak Lotiya
Participants : 59 students of Sem VI B Com and Sem IV M Com

The topics covered in the workshop were Importance of Investment, Financial Investment Opportunities, Process & Pre-requisites to invest in Securities Markets, Investment in Primary Markets, Investing in Secondary Markets, Introduction to Mutual Funds and ways to Invest in Them, Precautions while investing in Securities Markets, Career in Securities Markets

Participants : 266 students registered for the competition
Date : 12/3/2022
Venue : centre for Management Studies and Research, Ganpat University
Participants : 227 students of Sem IV B Com
  • It was a One Day Workshop on Learning with L.A.F.
  • Life Skills
  • Ad Making
  • Fun with Management Games
  • Prof. Meera Savani, Prof. Bharti Desai, Prof. Umangi Khandhar and Ms. Priyanka Yadav accompanied the students.
Date : September 1 - 23, 2021

The students had the privilege to work with a renowned CA- Shri Prakash Thakkar at his office. The internships were for 10 days each. Two batches of students were benefitted through it

First batch
1 Nisha S. Agarwal
2 Upasana P. Kushwah
3 Uzma J. Patel
4 Ekta G. Sarvaiya
5 Mamta L. Vala
Second batch
1 Sapna M. Rathod
2 Sheetal K. Parmar
3 Vidhi P. Dholakiya
4 Falguni R. Solanki
5 Vidhiya M. Nai


Date : July 20, 2021

A lecture by Dr. Vina Raval was organized to make the students acquainted with the life and works of Shri Umashankar Joshi

Date : August 11, 2021
Place of Visit : BrahmGyani kavi Akha Bhagat Smarak
Participants : Sem III and Sem V BA students
Date : April 11, 2022
Place of Visit : Gujarati Sahitya Parishad
Beneficiaries : 18 students of Sem II BA

The students visited the library of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad and also got acquainted with the activities done by the institution.

Date : August 17, 2021
Sub : Lokgayak Jhaverchand Meghani (celebrating his 125th birth anniversary)
Participant : Hiral J Chauhan (Sem V BA)
Topic of her essay : Meghnai na Patra Saahitya man vyakt Jeevan sangharsh
Date : August 28, 2021
Participants : Ankita K. Gohel (Sem V BA), Taruna R. Parmar (Sem III BA), Vimla Makwana (Sem V BA), Hiral Chauhan (Sem V BA)

The students recited the patriotic songs written by Zaverchand Meghani to pay him tribute on his birth anniversary. Dr. Vina Raval gave a detailed introduction of the nationally acclaimed shayar of Gandhian era. Later the students of Sem III and V sang the songs written by him.

Date : September 25, 2021

Students underwent quiz sessions to get a niche over various eras of Gujarati Literature. They came prepared and the teachers asked them questions that can be a part of various competitive examinations.

Under the guidance of Prof. Bharti Desai, the students of Sem V BA learnt what is research and its technicalities and then successfully prepared research articles

Following is the list of students and their topics of research:
Ankita K. Gohel Aithihaasik Navalkathaakar Kaniyalal Munshi
Meghna Maheriya Sonnetkaar B. K. Thakor
Bhumika Yogi Jaanpadi navalkathaakaar Pannalal Patel
Hiral J. Chauhan Ila Arab Mehtanu Jeevan-kavan
Saayba A. Jadav Pravasi sarjak Kakasaheb Kalelkar

Use of Internet and other ICT means and Library to teach Literature

Date : December 20, 2021
Organized by : Navbharat Sahitya Mandir
Beneficiaries : 21 students of Sem VI BA
Date : February 21, 2022

The students of Sem IV and Sem VI BA joined in the celebrations where the Faculty members highlighted the importance of mother tongue. They even recited gujarati poems and sand Gujarati songs. Importance of studying in Gujarati Medium was also highlighted during the day.

Date : March 4, 2022

This activity was organized in the class as a part of the teaching of short stories. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and learnt the art of story telling and its importance.

Following were the winners:
First Neha N. Pandit Shramnu Mahatva
Second Vimla M. Makwana Sachun Dhan Kelavni
Third Ankita K. Gohel Imandaarinu Fal
Date : March 17, 2022

The teaching of plays in the class was made effective and interesting by organizing Vachikam in the class. The students were made to do role plays and the students were made to read plays in the class.

Date : September 9, 2021

This project was done in the fond memory of the legendary author Late Shri Radheshyam Sharma who passed away during the year. The students were made to make projects related to her life and works. The Sem VI BA students participated in this activity enthusiastically.

Following are the names of the students and their projects:
Neha N. Pandit Radheshyam Sharmanu Jeevan Kavan
Helen C. Koshti Radheshyam Sharmani Kavita
Ankita K. Gohel Radheshyam Sharmanu Navalkatha Kshetre Pradan
Bhumika M. Yogi Vaartakaar Tarike Radheshyam Sharma
Meghna A. Maheriya Vivechak radheshyam Sharma
Nikita R. Dabhi Anuvadak tatha anya kshetre radheshyam Sharmanu Pradan
Dipika D. Dabhi Upsanhaar


5 students of Semester V BA and 23 students of Sem III BA prepared research designs on various topics 5 students have begun doing research work on various topics.

The details are as follows:
Name of the student Topic
Yogita Vallakatti Navparinit yugalman vadhti jati alag rahevani vrutti
Krinal Desai Aajna yuvano bhanela bahu chhe ke ganela
Sitakumari Nirmalprasad Stree hovanu Gaurav ke Dukh
Jyoti Rajput Baalako upar mobileni asaro
Muskanbano Sandhi Muslim yuvationa jeevansaathi pasandgi ane lagna angina khayaalo
Date : October 23, 2021
Venue : Adivasi Sangrahalay, Gujarat Vidyapeeth
Beneficiaries : 72 students of Sem III and Sem V BA
Objective : To understand Adivasi culture, literature and issues
Date : September 29, 2021
No. of Participants :

The students of Core Sociology from Umiya Girls College of Arts, Ahmedabad came to our campus for a Knowledge Exchange Program.

Date : September 24, 2021
Participants : Students of the Department of Sociology

The students were made to hear Meera Bhajans and then they were made to do the comparative analysis of the emotions of both Radha and Meera towards Lord Krishna.

Date : February 18, 2022
Participants : Students of Sem VI BA
Topic : Vartaman Samayman Udbhavti Samasyao maate jawaabdaar kon?
Date : February 28, 2022
Topic : Streeona Pahervesh (Hijab) ange vivaad kem?
Participants : Ansari Julaya, Renu Gupta, Bhavika Parmar, Mallika Parmar, Tarminbanu Shaikh, Chandni Shukla, Hina Sonala, Jagruti Zala.
Date : February 21, 2022
Topic : Stree parna atyaachaar maate jawabdaar kon?
Participants : Minal Parmar, Smita Patel, Hina Rathod, Muskanbanu Sanghi, Rinkal Suthar, Yuvangi Pagi, Krinal Desai, Manisha Parmar, Jyoti Rajput, Priti Chauhan, Dipti Makwana, Neha Makwana, Lata Rathod.
Sr. No Semester Name of the Student
1 Sem V BA Yogita C. Vallakatti
2 Sem V BA Amrinbanu Shaikh
3 Sem V BA Tarminbanu Shaikh
4 Sem V BA Mallika Parmar
5 Sem V BA Jagruti Zala
Sr. No Semester Name of the Student Name of the book
1 Sem VI BA Jagruti Zala Pravachan Panchamrut
2 Sem VI BA Yogita Vallakatti Jeevan ek Sangharsh
3 Sem VI BA Megha Vaghela Manjil Door Nathi
4 Sem VI BA Tejal Makwana Kshane Kshane Chintan
Sr. No Semester Name of the Student Title of the Project
1 Sem V BA Yogita C. Vallakatti Online Shikshanni balako par Asar
2 Sem V BA Amrinbanu Shaikh Samuhmaadhyamon ni Asaro
3 Sem V BA Tarminbanu Shaikh Coronani loko par thayel samajik asaro
4 Sem V BA Mallika Parmar Lockdownne karane gharelu hinsaman thayel vadharo
5 Sem V BA Jagruti Zala Coronane karane lokoman aaveli swaasthya ange sabhaanta


Essay Competition

Topic : Hindi Shiksha Rojgaar aur Chunotiyan
Participants : Priya R. Thakur (Sem III BA) and Prit

Elocution Competition

Topic : Hindi ka Chalchitra aur Vigyapan mein sthaan
Participant : Priya R. Thakur (Sem III BA)

Sulekhan Spardha

Participants : Sweetidevi Tahseeldaar (Sem III BA) and Suman Yadav (Sem III BA)

Rangoli Drawing Competition

Topic : Hindi Vikas par
Participant : Komalsingh Kshatriya (Sem III BA)
Dates : From September 14-20, 2021
Daily Activity : Doha Gaan and Slogan Writing

Each day the students of Hindi Department recited Dohas after the morning prayers and also wrote various slogans related to Hindi Bhasha on the noticeboards of the campus

Dates : September 14, 16 and 18, 2021
Expert : Dr. Virendra Narayan Singh (Retd. Associate Professor and a Renowned Translator in Gujarat)

The students were taught the art of translation and they were even made to translate a passage from Gujarati to Hindi. All the students who have opted Hindi as a subject in Elective I and II participated in the workshop.

Topic : Hindi Shiksha Rojgaar aur Chunotiyan
Date : February 28, 2022
Participant : Priya R. Thakur (Sem IV BA)

Won the FIRST PRIZE of Rs. 1000/-

Date : March 31, 2022
Name of the Film : Tahreer Munshi Premchand: Nirmala

Objective was to teach the novel in an interesting and innovative method.


20 students of Semester V BA undertook a Research Project on “Sources of Black Money” The objective was to give them a better understanding of the topic “Black Money” which is a part of their syllabus.

They were encouraged to make use of ICT resources, newspapers etc to collect the required information

  • 15 students of Semester V BA were made to prepare research articles on “The Effects on Economy, of the Demonetisation done on November 8, 2016”
  • 15 students of Semester VI BA were made to prepare a research article on “Effects of Urbanization on the Human Lives”
Dates : January 27, 2022 to February 3, 2022
Theme : Gandhi and his Philosophy
Beneficiaries : 25 girls of Semester VI BA
Activities done:
  • The students were given the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi Satyana Prayogo
  • They were made to read it for one week
  • Then group discussions were held in the class on the base of their reading
  • The students were then made to do Class Presentations on various topics from the autobiography
  • Finally, the students appeared in an MCQ based test.
Dates : January 1, 2022 to January 8, 2022
Theme : Environmental Awareness
Beneficiaries : 20 students of Semester VI BA
Activities done:
  • Two students took the responsibility to go around in the nearby areas of their residence and create environmental awareness
  • Four students took the responsibility to spread awareness in college campus
  • Rest of the students wrote research articles on environmental awareness
Date : December 17, 2021
Participants : Semester VI BA
Topic : Relevance of Mahatma Gandhiji’s thoughts on self-reliance and Use of swadeshi goods


Date : December, 2021
Participants : 120 Students of Sem I and Sem IV
Objective : To teach Stress Management
Date : March 2022
Beneficiaries : 67 girls of Sem IV BA

The students were made to bring news articles related to psychology or that involved psychological issues and put them on the softboard of their classrooms. They were made to discuss these articles in the classroom.

Date : April 2022
Beneficiaries : 30 students of Sem II BA
Place of visit : B. M. Institute of Mental health
Objective : To understand the lives of differently-abled children, to understand how they are imparted education by the institute and how they are taught vocational skills.

Sem III BA students were made to do online presentations on various topics like aaveg,bachavprayuktio, manovalan, puvagrah, aatmhatya, dahejpratha, beti bachao- beti padhao, pradhushan etc.

Sem III BA students did presentations on social media, pani bachao, vrush vavo, global warming, shikshan pratha, period ange ni maanyatao, Gandhiji, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Sadar Vallabhbhai Patel, Kasturba, Indira Gandhi etc.


Date : August 28, 2021
Lecture by : Dr. Vina Raval (HOD Dept. of Gujarati)
Topic : Loksaahitya Man SamaajJeevan
Date : September 9, 2021
Lecture by : Dr. Rita Solanki (Visiting Faculty in Psychology)
Topic : ArthShastra saathe Manovigyaan