• E – Resume and Use of Internet

The students of Sem V B.A. were taught Resume Writing and they were encouraged to prepare their own resumes.

Sem V B.A. students were encouraged to visit cyber cafes or use their personal computers to collect information on various topics and even to get the latest ideas for preparing a BIO DATA and write a JOB APPLICATION.

All the students of Sem V B.A. prepared their Bio Data on computer and prepared a hard copy and a soft copy of it.

  • Learn with Fun

Students of Semester I B.A. & B.Com were made to enrich their English Vocabulary in a different and entertaining manner

Students were asked to find out 50 Gujarati names for the things in their kitchen and 50 Gujarati names for the things in the other parts of their house. Later they were made to find out the English names for those things. Thus a huge collection of words used in day to day life was prepared by the students and then they were made to share them with each other.

  •  Teaching through Models

Semester VI Arts and Commerce students were made to learn news article writing, share market reports, accident reports etc. through models available in newspapers, magazines etc. They were made to collect such models and then they were asked to write similar such reports in their own words.

  • Expert Lecture:
  • Date: September 18, 2018

Expert Invited: Dr. Alkesh Patel (Associate Professor, Bhavan’s College)

Topic: Tenses

Beneficiaries: Sem I B Com / BA students

  • Date: July 20, 2018

Expert Invited: CA Ram Motwani

Topic: Entrepreneurial skills

Beneficiaries: Sem V BA and BCom students

  • Video Programmes by EMRC

Date: October 30, 2018

Students of Sem I B Com were shown the video programmes on Depreciation Accounting and Accounting Process prepared by EMRC (Educational Media & Research Centre)

  • Expert Lecture
  • Date: August 3, 2018

Expert invited: Dr. V. G. Vadhel (Ex Principal and CEO of Mahipatram Rupram ashram)

Topic : Accountancy

Beneficiaries: Sem I B Com students

  • Date: September 11, 2018

Expert invited: Dr. Urvi Amin

Topic: Marketing

Beneficiaries: Sem V B Com students

  • Power Point Presentations by Students

Date: August 28, 2018

51 Sem V B Com students prepared PPTs on Marketing  and presented them in the class.

  • Participation of students in Commerce Idol Competition

Date: January 7, 2019

Kajal Virola, Sapna Baudha and Mehjabeen Pathan participated in the Intercollege Commerce Idol Competition organized by City C. U. Shah Commerce College, Ahmedabad

Mehjabeen Pathan stood Second in the competition

  • Study Tour
  • Date: January 9, 2019

Venue: NICM, Gandhinagar

Campus visit, C V writing and Interview Techniques was taught during the visit.

  • Participation of 110 students in a Workshop organized by Ganpat University in campus

Date: January 29, 2019

Theme of the Workshop: Learning with L.A.F. (Lectures Ad Making Management Games)

During the workshop the students attended a lecture on Learning with L.A.F.; This was followed by Management Games, in which group were formed and they were asked to make advertisements. Prizes were distributed to the best three advertisements.

  • Practical Knowledge of Auditing

Date: February 14, 2019

The students of Sem IV BCom were given practical knowledge of auditing in the college office. This task was efficiently handled by Prof. Deep Shah (Visiting Faculty in Commerce)

  • EMRC members visited the campus on November 1, 2018 and acquainted them with the activities of EMRC. They even introduced online lectures in Accountancy in regional language and took feedback from the students.
  • Tête-à-tête with an author

Date: July 6, 2018

9 students from Sem V BA took the opportunity to attend a lecture of Shri Shitanshu Yashashchandra (a renowned author)Vivechanna Vividh Abhigamo: Kruti Sandarbhe organized by Gujarati Saahitya Parishad. There the students even got an opportunity to interact with the author.

  • Film Screening

Date: July 11, 2018

The Sem I B A students were shown the film Kunvarbainu Maameru which gave them a better understanding of the life and works of Shri Narsinh Mehta.

  • Study Tour
  • Date: August 29, 2018

Place: L. D. Institute of Indology, N. C. Mehta Art Gallery

Sem III & V BA students were taken to these  institutes where they loved watching old currency and manuscripts.

  • Date: January 5, 2019

Place: Akha Smaarak Bhavan, Desai ni Pole

14 students from Sem IV BA were taken to the place so that they get introduced to the heritage of the city and most importantly about Akha Bhagat (a poet) whom they study as a part of their syllabus.

  • Participation of students in Paper Presentation and Shaurya Gaan Spardha

Date: August 31, 2018

Commemorating the birth centenaries of Kavi Narmad and Rashtriya Shaayar Shri Zaverchand Meghani, Shri M. B. Patel Rashtrabhasha Arts and Commerce College organized Research Paper Presentation and Shaurya Gaan Saprdha. 6 girls from Sem III Na V B A participated in these competitions.

Research Paper Presenters:

  • Upasana Rao             Sem III BA                Aatmakathakaar Narmad
  • Apexa Rao             Sem III BA                Arvaacheenman Aadhya


  • Krishna Kothari             Sem III BA                Tulsikyaaro-Navalkatha
  • Dipa Jethva             Sem V BA                Rashtriya Kavi Shri

Zaverchand Meghani

  • Darshana P.Parmar Sem V BA                 Gujaratman Narmad Yug
  • Darshana J. Parmar Sem V BA                 Shaurya Gaan- Kasumbino


  • Quiz Competition
  • Date: September 3, 2018 and January 7, 2019

Sem III BA students participated in the competition on Madhyakaaleen Saahitya Swaroopo tatha Saahityakaarona Jeevan tatha Sarjan

  • Date: January 5, 2019

Sem IV BA students participated in the competition on Arvaacheen Gujarati Saahityakaaro- Jeevan tatha Sarjan


  • Vaachikam

Date: September 27, 2018

Sem III BA students indulged in story reading in the class. They read two short stories ‘Vaad” and ‘Ashrudhar” by Sundaram.

Sem VI BA students were made to read aloud Gujarati short stories of their choice.

  • Displaying newspaper cuttings

Sem I and V BA students took the initiative of finding proverbs and phrases occasionally used in newspapers, literary articles etc. and get the cuttings of the same and displayed them on the noticeboard.

  • Paper Presentation

Date September 19, 2018

Sem III and V BA students presented research papers on their favourite authors in Gujarati literature.

  • Chhandgaan

Date: December 19-20, 2019

Sem II BA were taught Chhandgaan in their regular classes and were introduced to Alankaar through it.

  • Introducing the ways to read an Encyclopaedia

Date: December 27, 2018

The Sem VI BA students were taken to the college library and Dr. Mina Solanki guided them into how to go about searching something in an encyclopaedia, how it can  be used for research etc.

  • Celebration of Matrubhaasha Din

Date: February 18, 2019

A lecture was organized by the department to spread awareness towards the importance of the mother tongue and the need to safeguard it. The students were made to take an oath that they would do the needful to safeguard and understand the importance of the mother tongue.

  • Developing Inclination towards Research

In the month of February-2019, the students of Sem IV and VI BA (Gujarati) were given training in research methodology by Dr Vina Raval and Dr. Mina Solanki. This included selection of topic for research, how to prepare a research proposal and then how to do a research in humanities.

  • Essay Writing Competition

Sem VI BA students were given topics for essays and they were made to write indigenous essays. Following were the winners:

First:                           Dipa K Jethva           Gandhiji maari drishti e

Second                      Mittal N. Parmar       Aapni Shikshan Vyavastha

Third                           Mamta D. Sagar       Yuva Dhan Kaya Maarge

    • Participation in Elocution Competition

    Date: July 31, 2018

    Upasana Rao and Swati Jadav from Sem III BA were sent for participation in the elocution competition organized by Rashtrabhasha College commemorating the birth centenary of Munshi Premchand..

    • Study Tour

    Date: August 1, 2018

    17 girls from the department were taken to attend the Filmotsav organized by the Rashtrabhasha College, Ahmedabad

    • Participation in Essay Competition

    Jaya Upadhyay from Sem III BA was encouraged to participate in the essay competition on Naksalvaad ki Samasya organized by Gujarat Vidyapeeth Shanti Shodh Kendra and Gandhi Darshan Vibhaag.

    • Participation in a Rally on Hindi Diwas

    Date: September 14, 2018

    15 students participated in the rally organized by Rashtrabhasha Prachaar Samiti from Rashtrabhasha College to Gujarat Vidyapeeth with a view to instil pride amongst the citizens towards our National Language.

    • Essay Competition

    Date: September 17, 2018

    An intra-department essay competition was organized on Aarakshan: abhishaap ya vardaan, internet: aadhunik jeevanki aavashyaktaa, baadh ke pashchaatki stithi.

  • Developing Inclination towards Research

Sem V BA students were made to prepare a research design and they were made to do a research survey and then write a research paper.

Sem III BA students were taught to prepare research design.

5 students undertook research projects

3 students of final year completed their ongoing projects and the reports were published in Sandesh City Life Newspaper.

  • Group Discussions

September 8, 2018              Sem I BA       Love Marriage vs Arranged


September 17, 2018            Sem I BA       Vasti Vadhaaro ek Saamaajik


September 18, 2018            Sem III BA     LGBT ange 377 kalamna

                                                                        chukadani Samaj

August 14, 2018                   Sem III BA     Yuvaanoni Samasya

September 25, 2018            Sem V BA     Divorce in Fifties

February 15, 2019                                       Sem II BA      Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Families and Nuclear Families

February 7, 2019                 Sem IV BA    Aadhunik Samay man kutumb nu badlatun swaroop

January 31, 2019                 Sem VI BA    Nirakshartani Stree Samaaj upar padti asaro

  • Critical Thinking

Date: October 23, 2018

With a purpose to teach Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis, the students were made to critically analyse the thoughts of Srinivas and Yogendra Singh on Film Songs.

  • Study Tour

Date: September 15, 2018

47 students of Sem III BA were taken for an educational tour to Gujarat Vidyapeeth. There the students got an opportunity to see and know in detail about the Aadivaasi Research Museum and Shri Morarji Desai Museum.

Teaching through ICT

  • All the department members ensured to use the power point presentation method to teach various topics. List of topics are as under:Arthashastrio na samagra jeevan ni maahiti, Mukt Vyaapaar ane Sona Vinimaydhoran, Videshi Moodirokaan, Dr. Amartyasen nu Arthashastra, Gandhijina aaarthik Vichaaro, W. T. O., Aaarthik Sarvekshan, Maangne Asar karta Paribalo, Gramya Vistaarman Rojgaarini tako, World Development  Report, Gramin Samaajman Sahkaari Pravruttinu Mahatva.etc.
    • 4 girls from the department took free computer training at Ahmedabad Jilla Sahakaari Sangh.
    • Economics Corner

    The corner was maintained by the students by pinning several articles on GST, Social Media, Economic Reforms, Black Money, Banking, and Price Rise in Petrol-Diesel.

    • Study Tours
    • Date: July 17, 2018

    18 girls from Sem V BA took visit to the Ahmedabad Jilla Sahkaari Sangh- Paldi to understand the functioning of the cooperative organizations.

    • Date: September 16, 2018

    No. of Beneficiaries: 47

    Class: Sem III & V BA

    Venue: Gujarat Vidyapeeth (Aadivaasi Museum)

    • Group Discussions

    BA Sem VI students were involved in group discussions on various topics related to their subjects. For e.g. Comparative discussion of Financial Budget 2017-18 and 2018-19; Privatisation of Banks and Hospitals, Life Insurance Schemes in India, GATT-WTO, IMF- World Bank.


Date: August 25, 2018

Experts invited: Dr. Ajaybhai Chauhan (Psychiatrist), Dr. Himanshubhai Desai (Psychiatrist), Dr. Mehulbhai Patel (Psychiatrist), Dr. Sangitaben Chauhan (Psychiatrist)

The doctors explained in detail about what is depression, what are its symptoms, causes, effects, treatments etc. They effectively made the students understand the problem, reasons and its solution by enacting three skits.