Introducing ICT usage through Orientation Programme for the Freshers in Sem I B.A.

An orientation programme was organized for the Semester-I students of Arts and Commerce. This programme began with the introduction of the Trust, College, the Campus facilities etc. These details were provided to the students by the Head of the Institution –  Dr. V. G. Vadhel through a Power Point Presentation.

The students were given a clear understanding of the semester system and the choice of subjects. They were even introduced to the subjects offered in Foundation and Soft Skill courses. The students were then introduced to all the teaching and non teaching staff members of the college. This was followed by the detailed understanding of the various activities of the college like NCC, NSS, SPORTS and CWDC. These details were provided to the students by the respective activity coordinators. Later the students were given the idea about the facilities given by the college library and this was done by the Librarian of the college. This interaction programme lasted for two hours. Such orientation programme is conducted every year in our college.

Distribution of Text Books and Reference Books at subsidized rates

We cater to the girl students who are from economically and socially backward areas. Keeping this objective in mind we make conscious efforts to be helpful to them in every possible way and make their learning smooth. We still find lesser concern for the education of girl students as compared to the education of boys, amongst the parents in our Indian society. Looking to the fact we make sure that the studies of the girls in our college are not hampered due to economic reasons and so all the departments try their level best to get text books and reference books for their students at subsidized rates.

Apart from this we even run a Book Bank from which students get sets of books after depositing a minimum amount

Free Education for Sports and N.C.C. Achievers

It has been a regular practice of our college to wave the fees of the Sports and N.C.C. Achievers. Apart from the fees they are even provided extra coaching and special attention to cover up the studies missed during their participation in various tournaments and camps respectively. This proves to be an incentive for them and they are encouraged to perform better. This can be clearly seen in the reports of Sports and N.C.C.

First Aid Facility

We have a first aid facility in our college. The kit is well equipped to provide the primary treatment. The duty of first aid is taken care of by Dr. Margi Hathi- (Sr. Lecturer in Dept. of English). The students who are found seriously ill are immediately escorted home or the parents are called upon to pick them up.

Celebration of the “International YOGA Diwas”

Date : June 21, 2016

As per the guidelines of the Central and State Government the International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in our campus. The program lasted for three days. The training of various asanas and yog mudras was given on June 19-20, 2015 and later on June 21, 2015 all the staff members along with around 100 students performed Yoga along with the Yog Gurus from Aadarsh Amdavad- Ms. Mamtaben and Ms. Alkaben


The students of our college who are now trained Yog Teachers played a crucial role in training other students.

Formation of Students’ Union

Apart from the Class representatives following is the list of the Office bearers of the Students’ Union

Date : July 16, 2016

Sr. No. Designation Faculty Name Class and

 Roll No.

1 General Secretary Arts AVNI MAKWANA Sem- VB A
    Commerce SHARMA  ARTI  B. Sem-V B Com
2 Cultural Secretaries   RIDDHI A. HEDAMBA


Sem- V B.COM

Sem-V B.A

3 NCC Secretary   PRIYANKA M. MALI Sem V B Com
5 Sports Secretary   JYOTI S. PINGULKAR


Sem I B Com

Sem I B Com

6 Tours and Excursions Secretary   SHINDE SHIVANI M.



Sem III B Com

Celebration of Rakshabandhan by Brahmakumaris Iswariya Vishwavidyalaya

Date August 12, 2016

The Brahmakumaris arrived at our campus and celebrated Rakshabandhan along with the staff and students and conveyed a peace message all around the campus.

Medical Examination of the Sem I B.A. and B.Com. Students

Month                         November

Experts          : Dr. Anupama M. Shah (M.B.B.S.)

Dr. Sureshbhai M. Shah (M.B.B.S.)

As per the guidelines of the Gujarat University, the Semester I Arts and Commerce students underwent medical examination in the months of September and October. Dr. Anupama Shah (M.B.B.S.) did the medical examination of the students. The medical examination included Eye- Check up, over all Physical Check up and even the height and weight of the students were examined. Not only that if any student had any sort of serious problem she was immediately given primary treatment by the doctor and was advised to visit the clinic for further examination. The doctor even promised to give services at subsidized rates to our students. The doctors even provided guidance regarding healthy habits of eating.

The medical forms were sent by Gujarat University and those were signed and sent back to the Health Department of the University.

Health Committee of the college made the necessary arrangements and organized the health check up camp.    

“THANGANAT”(Felicitation Programme):

Venue:  Town Hall, Ahmedabad

Date    :  February 7, 2017

Guests:  Ms. Mittal Patel (Founder of VSSM- A renowned Social Worker)

The President of the Trust –Shri Naranbhai Patel chaired the function

Shri Prashantbhai Kinariwala (Vice President) Shri Rohitbhai Patel (Secretary), Shri Kshitishbhai Madanmohan (Treasurer) and Dr. Vallabhbhai Vadhel (CEO) graced the dais


 Smt. Padmabahen Jaikrishna- Secretary of M.R.Ashram Trust awards the best students of both Arts and Commerce Faculty. The awards are to appreciate and acknowledge the praiseworthy character, creativity, curricular and extracurricular excellence of the students. The awards have been named as “Padmabahen Jaykrishna Award for Excellence” (Best Student in Arts faculty) and “Jaikrishna Harivallabhdas Award for Excellence” (Best Student in Commerce Faculty).

These awards were awarded to

1)        Arti B. Sharma (Commerce)

2)        Tejal A. Solanki (Arts)


Date: February 10, 2017

Place: Poicha

Professors Incharge: Dr. Margi Hathi, Ms. Ananya Raval, Ms. Preeti Marwah and Mr. Animesh Banker


BOOK Exhibition

Date: February 15-16, 2017

An exhibition of new arrivals in all the subjects was arranged for the students so that they get acquainted with the books. Apart from their subject books the exhibition also included the dictionaries, reference books, books related to career guidance, various books for competitive exams and several other books that can generate the students’ interest in reading.


Date: March 27 and 28, 2017

The students were provided career guidance. They were enrolled in the Alumni Association and in the Whatsapp group of the alumni students. The students were then offered snacks by the college.