SPORTS DAY “Tarvaraat”

Sports are equally important for the students along with their studies because it keeps them physically and mentally healthy. To teach that sports is a way of life and it instils sportsman spirit, team spirit, prepares our mind to face challenges with a healthy mindset, our college decided to have a Sports Day- “Tarvaraat”  every year. This year we celebrated it on January 8, 2017 at Diwan Ballubhai School Ground, Kankaria.

More than 400 students along with all the staff members actively participated in the event. More than 14 different games were played and trophies and certificates were given to the students who were the best three in each game.

Name of the event Winners
100 mts. Race First Bhumika B. Makwana Sem VI BA
Second Bhagwati B. Parmar Sem IV BA
Third Jyotika R. Maurya Sem VI B Com
Javelin Throw First Pratiksha B Dave Sem II B Com
Second Priti R. Kumari Sem VI BA
Third Shashi T. Sharma Sem IV B Com
Short Put First Aishwarya P. Vyas Sem VI B Com
Second Priyanka M. Mali Sem VI B Com
Third Dhart Barot Sem VI B Com
Balloon Burst First Ankita M. Vyas Sem IV B Com
Second Ritu M. Sharma Sem II B Com
Third Shimona J. Sefaria Sem VI B Com
Thread and Needle Race First Rakhi J. Rajput Sem VI BA
Second Reena S. Khushwah Sem IV BA
Third Komal P. Parmar Sem VI BA
Three Legged Race First
  1. Goldi R. Mishra
  2. Jayshree G. Rajput
  1. Sem VI BA
  2. Sem VI BA
  1. Mittal R. Parmar
  2. Tejal R. Parmar
  1. Sem VI B Com
  2. Sem VI BA
  1. Shifa Y Mansuri
  2. Sonal A. Gohel
  1. Sem II B Com
  2. Sem II B Com
Musical Chair First Hemanshi R. Rathod Sem II B Com
Second Kinnari V. Mahude Sem II B Com
Third Vaishali K. Padhiyar Sem II BA
Lemon and Spoon Race First Poonam C. Agrawat Sem VI B Com
Second Neha V. Chauhan Sem VI BA
Third Priya C. Pandey Sem IV B Com
Frog Race First Deepa C. Patel Sem VI B Com
Second Archana K. Kevat Sem VI B Com
Third Sonal J. Gohel Sem II B Com
Discus Throw First Kajal G. Parmar Sem II B Com
Second Kalpana B. Za Sem II B Com
Third Hina G. Koshti Sem II BA
Sack Race First Sarita R. Pandey Sem VI B Com
Second Janvi B. Trivedi Sem II B Com
Third Jyotsana R. Solanki Sem IV BA
Coconut Throw First Parul A. Makwana Sem II B Com
Second Darshita I Parmar Sem VI B Com
Third Rinku L. Chunara M. Com. Sem IV
One Legged Race First Payal R. Vala M. Com. Sem II
Second Jignasha M. Parmar Sem IV B Com
Third Jyotika S. Dahiya Sem II BA