N.C.C. Caretaker   –   Dr. Margi Hathi  (Associate Professor, English Department)
N.C.C. Secretary   –   Urvashi Sharma     
No. Of Students Enrolled   –  100
The NCC Cadets attended regular parades, participated in Independence Day and Republic Day parades, offered their services during various programmes organized in the campus and even attended TSC, CATC, NIC Pre-RDC and Trekking Camps
NCC Achievers

Sr No. Name of the Cadet Camp Attended Achievement/s
1 Arti R. God Ahmedabad Camp Gold Medal in Drawing
2 Arti R. Shukla

Gold Medal in Drill
3 Nitu A. Pal

Gold Medal in Quiz
4 Yami N. Kantiya

Silver Medal for Drawing and a Medal for the distribution of food for 10 days
5 Sejal J. Prajapati National Camp, Hyderabad
6 Ilesha M. Dantani

Gold Medal for Singing
7 Megha A. Meukar

8 Dipalee V. Solanki

9 Manisha Parmar

10 Shalini Sharma ATC/CATC A’bd Gold Medal for Singing
11 Prinjal R. Chaurasiya CATC A’bd Gold Medal in Volleyball and Gold Medal in Cultural Programme
12 Jyotsana U Yadav NIC- Rajpeepla National Integration Camp
13 Priti S. Verma CATC A’bd Gold Medal in Firing
14 Reena S. Kushwaha CATC A’bd
National Camp (Snow Skiing Camp at Gulmarg)
Gold Medal in Firing
March 20-23, 2017
15 Reshma R. Shukla CATC A’bd Gold Medal in Quiz

Camps Attended/ Exams passed by the N.C.C. Cadets:

1 ATC and CATC, Ahmedabad 40 girls February 20 to March 1, 2016
2 TSC 6
3 NIC 6
4 Trekking 6
5 ADC 6
6 All India Nausainik Camp 6
  • Notable Contribution by NCC cadets in the Kedarnath Relief Fund
  • Participation of 15 Students in the Republic Day Celebration held at Gujarat University.
  • B Certificate Exams- 25 girls- February 13-14, 2016
  • C Certificate Exams- 15 cadets