“Nothing is Forever except change”-                                 Buddha

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”-          Mahatma Gandhi

The changes, challenges and experiences in our lives are the catalysts that provide us opportunities to grow into a better person. Past two years have been a sort of boot camp for all of us, which prepared us to gather energies and scale 

newer heights in our lives. The situation has made us stronger, tougher and even more determined to make our planet, a better place to live in.

Collective Prayers have magical responses. Today, this planet earth and its residents, call for healing; and we all can do it through the positive energies released during our prayers and also by putting in our best possible efforts to help it bounce back as a healthier planet. Let us all come together and daily affirm in our prayers: “We all are healthy, happy, prosperous and safe on this beautiful planet called earth.”

All of us pledge to work towards CLEAN, GREEN, SAFE and PEACEFUL planet where HUMANITTY thrives and each and every life on earth, feels safe, along with humans.